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Denim on denim never gets old.


Denim on denim never gets old.

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If you’re asking me on a bubble tea date, then I must say yes. When and where do you wanna meet? Please decide and contact me~~~
Sehun in reply to a fan on the official fanboard (140408)

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// (TRANS) 140408 From SEHUN//

Wowwwloololuuuuuu yehet~ ohoooororohohohorarat~~~ yaaaaang that’s right that’s right that’s right~~~~

EXO’s 2nd anniversary, I’m.. tearing up……
This was made possible due to the people who worked hard for us and watched over us with care.
Above all else, it was possible because of our fans.

I say this every day, but… I’m always thankful.

I’ve been writing so many posts lately, so I’m going to take a break for the time being!

But if everyone wants it… I’ll do it, but…
I think you might really hate this… so I’ll control myself!!!!!

Kkaeb~kkaebi. Kkaebsong. Kkaebiru. Kkyatsong. Kkyakkyakkaekkae bbibbibbibbi lulu kkakkakkakkakkakkakkakkaakkakk kkyaekkyaekkyaekkyae kku lulululululululu ssong~

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please take out with credits.

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Sehun's Birthday countdown Graphics; D-5 ♡ 
Because I missed yesterdays graphic again
f(Krystal) (크리스탈) & SNSD's Jessica (제시카) & EXO's Kris (크리스) Say Yes
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Just one day - perfect Kim Taehyung

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Shoes. OMG. Shoes.


Shoes. OMG. Shoes.

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